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You can argue that smart devices have improved the popularity and adoption of mobile applications. However, that is not to say that web applications have lost their place. This line of thought present these apps are two sides of the coin with their different access advantages. More so, most application has a website as their central portal for access. Typically, a web application helps businesses to both target and reach potential and existing customers easily and quickly. It plays important roles in making several online transactions possible in the cyber space. Web application remains arguably the best as they allow;

  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Present more manageable platform
  • Are highly deployable across platforms
  • Secure live data, and
  • Costs less to manage due to reduced support and maintenance.

Why use Ruby for Web Application Development

We live in a world where people choose less difficult and effective if they have to choose between easy and hard. That said, Ruby developers love it because it is very easy to use as well as understand. This is the case as it has a simple syntax-based orientation that takes it as close to English as possible as a programming language. Developers have also said that with Ruby, it is easier to create and develop prototypes and proof of concepts. These are needed skills when turning a web portal to a web app.

Benefits of learning the course

Everyone wants to join the tech world because of the many opportunities that abound in there. One of these is that you can develop web applications as a programmer. However, not everyone is prepared for the thorough intensity of learning codes and programmes. Thus, with less easier programmes that achieves as much results, learning app development is open to everyone who is willing to learn and explore. In realistic terms;

  • Web app development is faster on Ruby because it is an object-oriented programme
  • It has lean code base, modular design and extensive open source code developed by Rails community
  • For easier use and less-code management, it has ready-to-use plugin solutions for feature development.
  • Above all, you have fewer lines of codes to worry about.

Why Take Emily’s course

Emily is a top programmer with multiple expertise in a wide range of programming languages, open source development platforms, and lean code programme options. She is also vast with a large range of syntax and object-oriented languages. Learning from her prepares you for a whole ocean to drink from, and this is sure going to offer you an expansive knowledge on the use of Ruby, particularly in the areas of web application development.

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If you have ever imagined that you cannot be a programmer despite your profound interest in this line of work, it is time to cast out the doubts. It however begin with taking a step further to register here, and learn how to use Ruby to develop web applications.

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